Cycling is an excellent way to stay in shape while also enjoying the outdoors scene whether it’s through a mountain trail or through your city. However, cycling can be pretty pricey depending on the brand and model you choose so here are tips to finding quality discount road bikes at reduced prices.

1. Shop for clearance deals - If you are patient enough, you may be able to find great deals on older models while stores put them on clearance in order to make room for new inventory. Since bikes are an expensive purchase, most stores are willing to negotiate with you for reduced prices.

2. Check local classified ads - Checking local ads is a great way to finding quality discount road bikes while also connecting with other riders. If you go this route, be sure to test ride the bike and that it is in good enough condition that it won’t break down on you anytime soon.

3. Search online retailers - By going online you are bound to find discount road bikes for sale by online retailers. You may even be able to negotiate better prices and they even throw in a few free accessories just by purchasing through them.

4. clearance road bikes on auction sites - Online auction sites such as eBay offer a wide range of bikes and also some of the best deals available. If you are going this route, then be sure to deal with a reputable seller and that you learn as much as you can about the bike before purchasing.